Now it's the NFL'S Buffalo Bills suing Republican gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce. The football team's suing both BENRUS, the military style watch company, and its former CEO over a promotional deal that went south. BENRUS was positioned as "the official timepiece of the Buffalo Bills" with giant BENRUS clocks overlooking their stadium plus a LED ribbon board display of the BENRUS logo. They struck a deal for over a million dollars in sponsorship fees. The Bills spent over $20 grand to create and install the giant BENRUS clock and was full steam ahead with the rest of its agreement. BENRUS made one payment of $87,000 but that was it according to the lawsuit. Feroce blames his former lawyer who bought the trademark and started a new company after Feroce lost it due to financial trouble last fall. Feroce's three years as BENRUS CEO was a rough ride. After he was ousted as chief exec at ALEX AND ANI in 2014 he leveraged his Newport Mansion to support BENRUS and two other companies, a RI semi pro basketball team and local magazine. All tanked. 


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