Facebook’s Sandberg: Our Service Depends On Your Data - Facebook’s chief operating officer did the company no favor with one sentence during a “Today” interview yesterday.

Sheryl Sandberg said that users’ data was the lifeblood of their company and if they wanted to opt out of all data driven advertising, they would have to pay for it. After years of spam emails about the topic, that caused a ripple.

Following the statement, Facebook clarified that there is not and will not be a pay model and that Sandberg was talking hypothetically.

During the same interview, Sandberg again stressed that the company mishandled the breach and was working to fix the damage done to the public trust. Facebook's stock has tanked over the last month after hackers stole Facebook subscribers personal info. If Facebook were to create a paid tier in which people could opt out of its data driven advertising, would you e willing to pay for it? I know I certainly wouldn't. Facebook's a useful tool but my world would continue to turn nicely if it wasn't in my tool box.


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