Former longtime RI GOP lawmaker, now an Independent candidate for Governor, Joe Trillo has launched an on air radio campaign to accompany an op ed piece the Pro-Jo printed Sunday. Trillo co-chaired Donald Trump's 2016 Rhode Island drive and he's hired Hal Rilling as his campaign manager. Rilling was Trump's 2016 state director in RI. Trump's radio ad message says he'll be the candidate who will "stop welcoming illegal immigrants to the state." Trillo denounces Governor Raimondo for refusing to enforce our federal immigration laws and creating a sanctuary status in Rhode Island. As an Indy, Trillo's assured a seat at the end of the trail avoiding a primary battle with Allen Fung, Patricia Morgan and Gio Feroce and his strategy will be very interesting to watch. Sure, he'll appeal to Trump supporters but how can he siphon off votes from the GOP candidates, from Democrats and the biggest base of RI, the Independents. Sure, our state's bluer than blue....but can Trillo be this election's Bob Healy? He'll need the Indys to have that impact. 


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