GOP Gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Ferroce has some big plans for the state  and he rolled them out the other day as part of his plan to Fix Rhode Island. Feroce's platform proposals include eliminating RI's income and estate taxes, making the state a right to work zone in 2025 and using blockchain technology to save money. What's blockchain technology, you ask? He describes it as a "digital distributive ledger" that supports the transfer and tracking of digital assts ranging from money and property to documents important for government transparency. Ferroce suggests blockchain technology can replace vast and costly elements of the state bureaucracy dealing with finances . He says through blockchain, the state can lower certain taxes and eliminate others. The tech talk reminded me of Anthony Gemma's congressional  campaign against David Ciccilini when Gemma held a press conference to introduce a digital dashboard that left most people positively bewildered. Does such tech talk sink in with the average Rhode Island voter? I think not.


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