The White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night left both sides red faced. Comedian Michelle Wolf set off a firestorm by reeling off a series of insult jokes, many of them crude, crass and aimed at President Trump and his inner circle. Wolf resorted to bathroom humor that brought the event down to the level of a COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST. The President wisely skipped the event for the second year in a row later tweeting about how terrible the event was and how it should be cancelled for good. The Correspondents Association wasn't too happy being represented by potty mouth Wolf and was equally embarrassed by her shtick. I chat with longtime FOX NEWS White House Correspondents John Decker and Rachel Sutherland on a daily basis, and both admitted Wolf's performance was cringe worthy and set the press' already strained relationship with the Trump Administration back a step. It's time to either cancel this event or, at the very least, give it an enema. 


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