In a development that was probably inevitable, The New York Times is reporting that a TV show is being pitched that would star Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avanatti and Anthony Scaramucci who was White House Communications director for 10 days last year before being canned. The Times said that United Talent Agency has met with executives at both CNN and MSNBC about the proposed show, which would have the two men facing off against each other Crossfire-style. However, reportedly no deal has been made. Avenatti tweeted a dismissal of the report , saying he has, quote, "no interest in television right now."  For his part, Scaramucci tweeted in response to CNN anchorJake Tapper asking for suggested names for an Avenatti/Scaramucci show: "How about: Not Happening." Porn star Daniels is challenging the $130,000 hush agreement she signed ahead of the 2016 election to keep quiet about the alleged sexual encounter she claims she had with Trump a dozen years ago. Who pitched this idea, the brains behind MY MOTHER THE CAR? There is NOTHING likeable about either of these hucksters. If they were debating in my back yard, I'd draw the drapes.


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