News was made last week when a cousin of the late Vincent "Buddy" Cianci entered the political arena. 61 year old Steven Cianci, a businessman who runs a management company, declared his candidacy for the Ward 5 City Council seat held by Jo-Ann Ryan. It got me wondering if the last name CIANCI helps or hurts cousin Steven in the capital city. Has Buddy Cianci's legacy been completely written? I doubt anyone's legacy is finite without a decent test of time...but exactly what IS a decent test of time? Buddy died just over two years ago. His final attempt at public office was a very unsuccessful comeback in the Providence mayoral race as an independent losing to Jorge Elorza in 2014 leading to a return to the safe haven of talk radio. Since his passing in January of 2016, the VERY successful podcast CRIMETOWN painted him as a power monger overseeing a corrupt administration. Is THIS what is most top of mind with the Cianci moniker or is it the rise of the RENAISSANCE city? I'd say much older voters think RENAISSANCE ...those in the middle CRIMETOWN...and millenials marinara sauce.


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