Are we all just ONE tweet away from the unemployment line? A recent MARKETWATCH article asked that question. It's fair to ask in light of the ROSEANNE BARR show cancellation after her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Is Twitter...or Facebook...or Instagram today's public relations newswire? You think you're talking ONLY to your followers, but think again. You post an opinion you think your friends will agree with but it's not just your friends reading it. Here's another thought. If you use Twitter, do you make yourself a public figure? You're certainly using the social media platform as a public loud speaker. Our current political climate puts employers on the high alert hot seat when it comes to the behavior of their employees. In certain jobs, such as mine, we're encouraged to maintain an active social media presence. Companies will remind employees to state that their opinions don't reflect those of their company. But when you cross the line as Roseanne clearly did, that warning may not be enough. There's no hiding behind the First Amendment then. It protects free speech NOT your job if you say something contrary to the company's values. Bottom line here is THINK BEFORE YOU SEND because once you hit that button, there's no turning back.


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