Rhode Island will continue to be one of just 6 states that doesn't give its governor a line item veto...and YOU won't be allowed to have a say in the issue. A special legislative commission decided NOT to recommend placing a question on the November ballot so you won't have an opportunity to vote on it. Commission co-chair Senator Frank Lombardi, who supported the line item veto, told the PRO JO the group seemed to stand at 7-3 against putting it on the ballot. A majority of senators had co-signed a bill to place the line item veto question on the November ballot but it's the House that has primary responsibility for writing the budget and you don't REALLY think they want to see their power diminish, do you? Poll after poll overwhelmingly shows the people of Rhode Island want to provide the governor with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer but these lawmakers continue to have convenient  wax in their ears.


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