An Eyewitness News TARGET  12 investigation discovered Cranston Mayor and GOP gbernatorial candidate Allan Fung wound up paying no rent to his city's biggest developer for his 2016 campaign headquarters. Fung's campaign says the checks were written but never cashed by the Caprionato Group, owner of Chapel Hill. Fung blames it on sloppy book keeping and says new checks will be cut but that didn't satisfy his primary opponent, House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan. She says it looks like Fung's circling the wagons and telling lies. But in a broadcast  interview, Morgan seriously stepped in it saying...and I quote..." he's spinning this so fast and digging this so deep, he's going to be in China." Fung, of course, is the son of Chinese immigrants. "Digging all the way to China is an innocent enough axiom...BUT NOT WHEN DISCUSSING A CHINESE IMMIGRANT!


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