With the 25th anniversary of “The Nanny” coming up some  news is being teased.

Fran Drescher may be returning to television screens. The 60-year-old actress told "Entertainment Weekly" that a reboot of her 90s sitcom, "The Nanny," may be in the works. She said she and her ex-husband, one of the directors, are working on a big project that she cannot talk about yet.

"The Nanny" ran on CBS from 1993 to 1999, and told the story of a wealthy widower who falls in love with the woman he hires to help him take care of his three children. Dresher says the show, if it happens, would pick up 20 years later.

If rebooted, it would join “Roseanne,” “Will & Grace,” and “Murphy Brown” in the ranks of the reboots. Are we THIS VOID of creative juices in Hollywood that laugh tracked dominated  swill like THE NANNY has to be regurgitated. I guess it's all part of TV's retro movement...don't call it nostalgia, because that means OLD....retro's a term people think is hipper....but all it really means is OLD 


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