First Lady Melania Trump paid a visit to a shelter for detained immigrant children at the U.S. border yesterday, but her message of compassion was mangled by her strange fashion choice. When boarding the plane for Texas, she was photographed wearing a jacket printed with the message: “I really don’t care. Do U?” A spokeswoman denied that any hidden message was intended. Hidden? It's written on her back. Her husband declared on Twitter that it was a shot at the “Fake News Media.” Melania made no comment. But when she got off the plane at the end of the day, she was wearing the jacket again.                                                                                                                          

Meantime, President Donald trump continues to enjoy the overwhelming support of Republican voters. About 90 percent of his party approve of the job he’s doing, according to the latest Morning Consult poll. But his overall voter approval is slipping in every state. He’s down as little as six points in Alabama and Louisiana, and as much as 31 percent in New Mexico and Illinois. He's down 21% in Connecticut, 22% in Massachusetts and 20% in RI.


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