Ah, the hypocrisy of it all. Former Democratic lawmaker John Carnavle who was indicted over accusations that he lied about living in his district is running to get his old seat back. Carnavale , a retired Providence cop, was forced out of his reelection race and booted from the city's voting rolls after that same board determined he wasn't a legal resident of Providence. it was an investigative report by EYEWITNESS NEWS TARGET 12 reporter Tim White that blew the whistle on Carnavale who told Tim "you've got no story here." Well, apparently, there WAS a story there...a big one. Now, Carnavale will have to campaign like the Peanuts character Pigpen with the black cloud of an ongoing criminal case over purjury and false statements hanging over his head. When Tim asked him if he owes his constituents an apology, Carnavale smugly answered, " I''ll apologize for the media harassing my neighbors." Ohhhh, so it's OUR fault you weren't living where you claimed to be living.


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