Are Americans Proud Of America?              

A new "USA Today" poll finds that 90% of Republicans and 61% of Democrats are proud to be Americans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are proud of America at the moment. In fact, while 71% of Republicans are currently proud of America, only 22% of Democrats say the same. 

Not surprisingly, politics is affecting folks' opinion of the country. When asked what symbolizes the worst of America, “politicians” was the overwhelming top choice, and that crosses party lines. As for which politician specifically represents the worst, not surprisingly, Democrats say President Donald Trump is the single worst thing about America, while Republicans choose Nancy Pelosi.

The poll also found that nurses and school teachers are the most highly regarded professions in America, while the most highly regarded value is kindness to strangers, followed by speaking English and believing in God. On the flipside, political correctness was dubbed the value that symbolizes the worst of America. And there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on – the news is exhausting. The poll finds that 70% of folks agree with the statement, “I feel fatigued watching the news.”

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