THE "WOOSOX"?????? REALLY???????

The WOOSOX...I mean, really? Does that work? Unfortunately, most of the signs we're seeing and hearing suggest the Pawsox will be changing the name on the fronts of their jerseys. A couple of weeks ago, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo, a guy with plenty of baseball sources, suggested Worcester's the front runner to land the team. The latest indication came this weekend when we found out Minor League baseball has applied for three trademarks on the word WOOSOX, a potentially ominous sign the track's backing up at McCoy. A  Minor league baseball official says the filing application was a legal safety net and shouldn't be construed as suggesting that any decision on the team's ultimate destination has been made but it sure adds to the argument the team's on it's way out of Pawtucket. If the team does bolt, it'll be interesting to see who the public blames for not only NOT saving the team BUT saving the city of Pawtucket.


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