It doesn't look like we'll see any gubernatorial debates this election season. The Pro-Jo reports neither Governor Gina Raimondo or GOP front runner Allan Fung plan on debating their primary opponents. If you were waiting for a great zinger, looks like you're out of luck. Set the Wayback Machine to 2010 and it seems there was a primary debate every week. Ken Block, who ran as a Moderate in 2010 and then as a Republican in 2014, told the Pro-Jo he remembers a blitz of primary debates saying he remembers at least 5 debates that involved ALL the GOP candidates. Look, if you're well ahead in the polls, and most polls indicate Fung has a big lead over Patricia Morgan and Giovanni Feroce and Raimondo well ahead of her Democratic opponent Matt Brown, why would you WANT to debate. That's strategy, folks...but it can also be looked at as cowardice, and believe me, both Morgan and Brown will position it as such.


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