The press release announcing the Pawsox agreement to move to Worcester had barely been sent when the political finger pointing began and you can expect it to last through the General Election. Governor Raimondo supported helping to finance a new stadium but never really stumped hard publicly for one. She blames the House for not passing her deal but didn't name House Speaker Mattiello directly. GOP gubernatorial hopeful Allan Fung blamed Raimondo and Mattiello for losing the team by not passing a financial bill Fung OPPOSED. When that one makes sense to you, let me know. Then there's Mattiello's Cranston House district opponent, Steve Frias, who campaigned hard against a stadium funding deal two years ago. He accused Mattiello of trying to fool the people on both sides of the Pawsox debate with his "last minute, junk bond stadium deal." Frias hit the nail on the head for me when he said voters should have had the final say through a bond referendum as the whether or not they wanted to pay for a new Pawsox stadium. The Hassenfeld Institute's Gary Sasse says polls showing 60% of Rhode Islanders opposed the project which refelcted in part a lack of trust in elected officials. So the lawmakers who thought we were too STUPID to be allowed to vote on the issue decided THEY wee the better rudder for what was best for taxpayers. THESE are the same geniuses who brought us the 38 STUDIOS deal.


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