If it was horse racing the announcer would chant "AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME!" Round One of the SILLY SEASON ends Wednesday as voters go to the polls for the primary races. Turn out in RI primaries is traditionally low and this primary day isn't expected to break that tradition. Pollster Joe Fleming told me he thinks the Democrat primary will draw about 130 thousand voters while the GOP primary could have a turn out as low as 25 to thirty thousand voters. With low turnouts come the possibility of upsets and the candidates are well aware of that. Expect them to be out and about in force, making phone calls and using whatever boots they have on the ground to get out the vote. Candidates took this past weekend to hit every art festival, dog walk, food fest and 5K to shake a hand while campaign workers handed out flyers and other propaganda. Wednesday night, we'll know who makes it to SILLY SEASON ROUND TWO when you can expect the rhetoric to ramp up, the TV and radio ads to hit en mass and candidates...ALL CANDIDATES....agreeing to televised debates.


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