Incumbent Governor Gina Raimondo wasted little time running TV attack ads against her GOP challenger Allan Fung the morning after primary results. Fresh off results setting up a rematch, Raimondo's TV ads criticize Fung for his record as mayor of Cranston showing footage of rundown buildings in a boarded up neighborhood. Problem is, those streets are in the Silver Lake section of Providence and NOT Cranston and at last check, Raimondo's running against Fung NOT Jorge Elorza. The Raimondo's campaign's paying big bucks to Putnum Partners, one of the nation's leading Democratic advertising firms for these slick ads. I guess the Putnum Partner folks don't visit Little Rhody too often. The Raimondo campaign doesn't deny the footage snafu saying "the campaign's reviewing the ad but we stand by the facts: under Allan Fung's leadership, Cranston's a city in distress." The ad's already been yanked from Raimondo's YOU TUBE page but it's not that easy to just get it off TV that fast. Fung's campaign was quick to jump ugly saying "Not only is Gina Raimondo running a completely incompetent administration, she's running a completely incompetent campaign." Craeful not to throw stones. Remember, Fung ran a 2014 TV ad improving Rhode Island business at a diner in Ohio. Look at it this way, The COOLER AND WARMER camoaign ran footage of Iceland. At least we're getting closer.


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