The first televised gubernatorial debate's set for September 27th on Ch 12 EYEWITNESS NEWS live from Roger Wiliams University. Incumbent Gina Raimondo, GOP challenger Allan Fung and Independent Joe Trillo will participate. Moderate Party candidate William Gilbert's crying foul saying he deserves a spot on the rostrum. Gilbert follows in the heels of the late Bob Healy who garnered 21.4% of the 2014 vote. cH 12'S following parent company NEXSTAR'S debate guidelines deciding which candidates participate. NEXSTA says a candidate must have a campaign headquarters, with a paid or volunteer staff plus monetary contributions. On top of that, a candidate must have 10% of the potential general election vote determined by a nonpartisan poll. Gilbert says while he doesn't have a dedicated campaign headquarters, neither did Healy. I need to point out NEXSTAR didn't own ch 12 in 2014 so they weren't operating under NEXSTAR'S guidelines.  Gilbert's got an ally in Raimondo who says there SHOULD be a place for Gilbert in the debate. Gilbert's IS  a recognized party...just not one recognized by NEXSTAR'S corporate rules.


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