I wonder where civility has gone in political races. It's a matter of factthat going negative on an opponent is often an effective strategy that generate positive results....but does it have to go so far into the gutter? It took less than 24 hours  for incumbent Gina Raimondo and GOP challenger Allan Fung to go on the attack with TV ads after their primary wins. Wile both candidates are on the attack, so far its been remotely palatable but how long will THAT  last? We'll get a good indication on September 27th at 7pm when Ch 12 EYEWITNESS NEWS hosts the first televised gubernatorial debate live from Roger Williams University. Will it stay civil or will it quickly slide into a slobberknocker along the lines of the recent presidential debates? Independent Joe Trillo was the co-chair of the Trump campaign in RI so he's familiar with name calling but he seems to be distancing himself from Trump while Raimondo's doing all she can to align Fung to the President. We'll know quickly if decorum will be maintained quickly enough on September  27th.


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