A new Fleming and Associates poll conducted for Ch 12 EYEWITNESS NEWS and Roger Williams University shows Governor Gina Raimondo widening her lead over GOP candidate Allan Fung and Indy Joe Trillo. Fleming's numbers shows Raimodno at 43% Fung at 36 and Trillo at 7%.  The poll has a plus or minus margin of error of 4.8%. Raimondo's lead has increased by July when she only led Fung by 2 points. Fung's campaign was quick to pint out Raimondo has spent a staggering $5 million bucks since the start of the year and 43% isn't an impressive figure after spending all that dough. Trillo slammed Fleming for fielding a poll so close to the end of the primary saying voters have yet to focus on the general election. The thing that jumped out at me is only 9% were undecided in this poll, a rather small number with so much time left before election day.  I think the decision by the leaders not to debate during the primary hurt Fung a lot more than Raimondo. Fung's opponent, Patricia Morgan, drove that fact into the ground while Raimodno's primary foe, Matt Brown, didn't make it such a top of mind issue. On top of that, Morgan has yet to throw her support to anyone...and if she decided to toss it to Trillo, that doesn't paint a pretty picture for Allan Fung.


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