I saw Joe Trillo's first TV ad the other day. Unlike the slicker Raimondo and Fung ads, it simply features Indy candidate Trillo telling us about himself. It shows him playing multiple musical instruments...bass guitar, keyboards, drums and sax. It shows his love of animals as he plays with a dog and visits a pet shelter. It shows him fiddling around his garage on projects and under the hood of a car. It even shows him at a sewing machine. He tells us he's run multiple businesses, knows how to fix things and save money. My first reaction was "well, that's kind of hokey and corny"...then I changed my mind. First, it addresses a weakness a recent Fleming and Associates poll pointed out; voters aren't familiar with Trillo. Secondly, it's NOT  a negative attack ad on Raimondo and Fung. Trillo will use the upcoming televised debates to do THAT...AND, lastly, it had a "Rhode Island feel" to it similar to Secretary of State's 'THAT'S OUR NELLY" ad I initially found equally as hokey. But  guess what? The "THAT'S OUR NELLY" is STILL top of mind for me. I'm sure Trillo will be on the attack when the debate bell rings. Until then, I'll remember JOE TRILLO, ONE MAN BAND RENAISSANCE  MAN.


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