Independent candidate for governor Joe Trillo's TV ad paints him as a musician, dog lover, small business owner and Mr Fix it handyman around the home. Now you can add pugilist to his resume. During a radio interview it was revealed Trillo acknowledged he was charged with simple assault in the 1970's after he "accidentally" hit Nicholas Mattiello when the current House Speaker was 14 years old. Trillo was about 30 at the time. Trillo says he once owned a Cranston home next door to the Mattiello family. Trillo says he was working outside his home when he heard a girl screaming in a nearby home and saw a group of boys pounding on the front door to get in. Among the boys was a young Nick Mattiello. Trillos says he ran at the group waving his arms to get them to disperse and accidentally whacked Mattiello. Mattiello's parents pressed charge. Trillo pleaded no contest. In yet ANOTHER interview on the same radio station Trillo admitted to getting into a heated argument with Rep Larry Ehrhardt over a piece of legislation on inspecting boat toilets. Trillo admits he and Erhardt got into a Three Stooges-like-a nose tweaking, eye poking hand slapping show down in a State House back room. I wonder when Trillo gets the endorsement of Moe-Larry and Curly?


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