GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung's got some work to do if he expects to put gum on Governor Raimdondo's shoe with less than three weeks to go before election day. The last poll numbers done by the Pro-Jo and partners show the incumbent with a 14 point lead over Fung. Fung's hammered the Governor on the failing UHIP system from day one and now he's holding her responsible for the deaths of children in state care. Fung says Raimondo's managed DCYF poorly, noting at least 19 cared for kids have died during her tenure. Raimondo's camp is accusing Fung of politicizing tragedy. Fung needs to land as many body blows as possible down the stretch. Many political pundits think Independent and long time  Joe Trillo's presence in this race is siphoning primarily off Fung and the only chance the Mayor of Cranston has toppling Raimondo is if Trillo drops out of the race. Trillo says he's in it to win it, so unless there's a World Wrestling Entertainment script in the wings, don't expect the bombastic Trillo to fold his hand.


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