Sometime BEFORE the primaries, the PRO-JO ran an op ed piece written by the founding Director of the Hassenfeld Institute of Public Leadership at Bryant College, Gary Sasse. It's entitled "RESTORING TRUST IN RI LEADERSHIP." It says voters should focus on several key leadership qualities. As the general election draws near, I thought it was a good time to review some of Sasse's questions regarding candidates. 

Has the candidate promised to achieve two or three specific an measurable objectives? The National Governors Association advises governors that "Success in the governorship depends first and foremost on focus."

Which candidates can tell you where the state is, where it needs to be and how you know when it gets there? Sasse suggests one way to judge a potential office holder is to evaluate if their commercials are based on facts and not political spin. Good luck with that one.

Which candidates stress problem solving solutions that affect the well being of your family. Is your neighborhood safe? Do you have a good job? Are the schools you're sending your kids to preparing them for the future?

What does history tell you about the candidate's ethical compass? I think THAT compass would make a nice stocking stuffer for ALL these candidates.

Will the candidate select the most qualified people to serve in government? I guess that means AFTER  they've hired those they've made political promises to and relatives...you know, STRAPHANGERS.


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