They say good fences make good neighbors, but that's not very friendly. While some people fear the terrible neighbor next door, it turns out most folks really do like the people who live around them.

A new poll finds that 77% of people say they are generally happy with their neighbors, with women the most likely to say they don’t have a good neighbor (8%), while 20% still aren’t sure about the people next door.

As for what people are looking for in a neighbor, 59% say being trustworthy is the most important quality, while 50% say it’s being quiet, and 46% say it’s friendliness. On the flipside, the worst trait a neighbor can have is being disrespectful of property (67%), followed by being to loud (60%), with untrustworthiness, and being messy and unfriendly also undesirable qualities. 

So, what can you do to get off on the right track with a neighbor? Well, 65% say a simple introduction is all it takes, although only 46% of people say their neighbors have actually done that, and 39% say they were never welcomed to their neighborhood at all.


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