EYEWITNESS NEWS reported the Republican Governors Association is pulling the plug, at least for now, on money for TV ads supporting Cranston Mayor Allan Fung's bid for the Governors seat. NOT a good sign. The RGA dropped $950 thousand to a group called Rhode Island Forward that was formed to boost Fung but apparently the spigot's been turned off. Ch 12 reporting the group has taken its most recent ad out of rotation and it's unclear if they plan to go back on the air in the final 2 weeks of the campaign. This isn's a good sign for the Fung campaign as it signals the RGA is going to spend money on races they think Republicans can win. It comes at a time when Fung really needs a push if you beleive the most recent Pro-Jo-URI poll that says  incumbent Gina Raimondo enjoys a 14 point lead over Fung. Pollster Joe Fleming point out the last 2 weeks of the campaign is when voters REALLY start paying attention to the election. Meantime, the Democratic Governors Association has poured 2-million bucks into the Raimondo campaign while the governor's own campaign has spent about 5 and a half million on the race,


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