These days, lots of employers offer their employees perks, incentives and benefits to attract top talent and keep them happy. A new poll finds that what employees want and what employers offer aren’t necessarily the same.

Perks employees are most interested in include flexible work schedules (88%), a compressed work week (66%), and the ability to telecommute (55%). Unfortunately, most aren't getting them.  While flexible work schedules is a perk offered by a lot of places (62%), few businesses give employees a compressed work week (17%) or the ability to telecommute (14%). In fact, employers are more likely to offer social events to their employees (44%), when only 21% really want them.

There’s also another big disconnect when it comes to office incentives. The most desired office incentive for workers is an annual or biannual bonus (77%), when only 44% of offices actually offer them. Meanwhile, 49% of employees would like a profit sharing plan, while only 33% of businesses offer them.

One area where there’s less of a disconnect is benefits. Health insurance is the one benefit most employees want (69%), while 88% of offices offer that to their workers, and 67% want paid time off, something 80% of offices provide.


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