Negative campaign advertising may leave a bad taste in your mouth...but it works. The Tsunami of fTV ads incumbent Gina Raimondo and a PAC supporting her re-election bid has lobbed at GOP challenger Allan Fung over his alleged mismanagement of the Cranston Police Department looks to have had a serious impact on the race with a week to go. A Fleming and Associates poll done for EYEWITNESS NEWS and ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY has Raimondo opening an 11 point lead over Fung with 44% to Fung's 33% with Indy Joe Trillo climbing to 9%.  After weeks of attack ads on Fung's alleged mismanagement, Fung's favorability numbers dropped from 56% to 46% while his unfavorables shot up 10 points to 45%. not a good place to be with a week to go before we head to the polls. Longtime republican turned Indy candidate Joe Trillo's name recognition is up but so are his unfavorable numbers thanks to a slew of negative news stories surrounding him. With a week to go, Fung faces a serious uphill climb to close the gap so look for him to try to land some haymakers in Thursday night's final televised debate on Ch 10.


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