Now that Halloween is over all our attention can be turned to Thanksgiving, and it seems a lot of folks will be celebrating this year. In fact, some folks may be celebrating turkey day more than once.

A new survey finds that 62% of younger Americans will plan more than one Thanskgiving meal, although only 38% of those 35 and older will indulge twice. The reason for two holidays is likely because more and more people are celebrating Friendsgiving. And while friends are important, the thing people are most thankful for this season is family (53%) followed by health (21%), friends (9%) and food (7%).

Of course as much as we love Thanksgiving, it isn’t always smooth sailing, and it can often be quite stressful. For women, the top stressor is preparing the meal (49%) while for men, family is causing them the most tension (47%). All this stress could be the reason alcohol has grown in importance on the holiday. The survey finds that 71% of people will be serving booze with their meal, up from just 62% last year.

ONE MORE THING! Yes we all love turkey on Thanksgiving but that’s far from everyone’s favorite food. In fact, the survey finds most people are actually looking forward to mashed potatoes (76%). Other favorite Thanksgiving foods include:Pie (71%) (pumpkin being the favorite at 79%)Rolls (68%)Gravy (62%)Green beans (59%) 


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