FINALLY....The Silly Season comes to a close as we head to the polls Tuesday. And what a silly season it has been particularly the race for Governor. Incumbent Gina Raimondo' TV blitz began LONG before the primary and never took a break. The GOP primary saw Patricia Morgan touring the state with someone in a chicken costume after Allan Fung refused to debate her. Independent Joe Trillo made headlines when his yacht bearing a giant TRILLO FOR GOVERNOR banner while blaring patriotic music  ran into the rocks off Charlestown on the Fourth of July. TV advertising really ramped up for BOTH Raimondo and Fung after their respective primary victories and it was a sea of negativity on both sides. Raimondo ads suggesting Fung ran the Cranston Police Department like the mafia and Fung suggesting Raimondo was responsible for the deaths of kids in DCYF care. Raimodno's campaign labled Fung as a TRUMP FAN BOY constantly showing the Cranston Mayor in a knit Trump hat he wore at Trump's swearing in. Then there was the story Trillo once whacked Little Nicky Mattiello with a caulking gun decades ago. Then, in the final TV debate, Fung suggested Trillo needed a joint to calm down. Stop the insanity.  


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