The White House Correspondents’ Association announced yesterday (November 19th) that Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Ron Chernow will speak at its annual dinner next April, breaking the tradition of having a comedian perform and roast the president, members of his administration and of the media, and joke about current events. The decision comes in the wake of criticism of some of the sharp jabs recent comics at the event have made, including those by last year's, Michelle Wolf, about President Trump, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and others. At a time of tense relations between the Trump White House and journalists, Chernow said the WHCA asked him to, quote, "make the case for the First Amendment and I am happy to oblige." Wolf blasted the decision, tweeting yesterday, "The @whca are cowards. The media is complicit. And I couldn’t be prouder." Presidents traditionally attend the dinner and perform their own funny routines, but Trump has not gone to either of the two dinners that have been held since he became president. The decline in the chosen comedians has been sharp in recent years, leading to a D-lister like Wolf so maybe this isn't such a bad this country, whether it be Republicans or Democrats, simply CAN'T take a joke anymore.


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