RIers can now legally bet on sports. The much talked about Sportsbook at Twin River in Lincoln started this week with the Tiverton casino soon to follow. RI is the first NE state to offer legalized sports betting which is amazing as we're usually late to the dance on most opportunities. Governor Raimondo anticipated the high court to pass this and put $23.5 million into the state budget but because we got a late start because of some contract snags, that figure's been reduced to just under $12 million. , I i anticipate it exceeding that figure. Some folks think Sportsbook will increase problem gambling in the Ocean State. I doubt it. Illegal book making has thrived in RI up til now, and maybe still will in some corners. Should we continue to bank on what many consider a vice? I say "why not?" It's low hanging fruit, so why not use it to take some of the load off taxpayers. While we're at it, why not take a hard look at legalizing recreational marijuana, another move that would take something off the black market. The Governor says she has an open mind to it...not so much the House Speaker. Hey, 


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