A Westerly Mexican restaurant is facing some backlash after workers served up their political views on their backs. AMIGO TAQUERIA Y TEQUILA sold tee shirts last year with the logo "86-45" printed on the back to raise money for political candidates across the country. Owner Wendy Carr told NBC 10 she and her staff wore the tees collectively on election night to celebrate our right to vote in hopes of flipping red seats to blue. According to Carr, "86" in restaurant  lingo means to get rid or replace something like a menu item. The "45", of course, stands for President Trump. When a recent Facebook photo of the staff wearing the tees went viral, the backlash began. Many consider the term "86" to mean to murder someone. Carr insists that doesn't mean that at her restaurant saying anyone who knows restaurant lingo or any Google definition knows things are being taken out of context. I googled it and found multiple definitions including one suggestion it means "86 inches", the standard depth of a grave. Carr says her restaurant has faced lots of harassment from people across the country saying she's had to disconnect the phone, bail on social media and disconnect e-mail. She's hopeful to move past the issue and the staff will no longer wear the tee shirts. Sounds like AMIGO TAQUERIA TEQUILA really dropped the chalupa on this one.


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