Phone addiction is real, and a new survey reveals just how addicted we are to our devices. A poll by RootMetrics finds that 24% of Americans check their phones within the first minute of waking up. What’s more, another 58% check it within the first 10 minutes of getting out of bed.

As for what we use our phones for most these days, texting is the biggest function (34%), followed by checking social media (32%). And watching online content is also a common use for our devices, with 31% of folks admitting to watching seven hours of content or more a week on their phones, although 23% of men say they watch that amount, as compared to 19% of women. 

With this in mind, it makes sense that a lot of people will feel frustrated when not connected to their phones, but the survey finds that most people also don’t feel safe. According to the poll, 47% of users say they felt unsafe in a mobile “dead zone,” although women are more likely to feel unsafe than men (52% vs. 42%).


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