The Providence City Council has to decide whether or not it should override Mayor Jorge Elorza's veto The Hope Point Tower. Elorza's decision to veto the project was the direct result of the Fane Organization's refusal to give the city final say in the design of the  $300 million dollar project by a deadline set by the Mayor. There's no question the skyscraper's rather bold design is something out of the ordinary. Residents of the East Side have been the most vocal in opposition and I'm sure Elorza doesn't want to alienate them, especially if he has designs on a gubernatorial run in the next election. A Pro-Jo editorial this week (the paper's second endorsing the project) points out great cities that remain vibrant such as London, New York and Chicago have added many new buildings that capture the eye. Maybe the City Council can find a way to get the mayor and the Fane Organization back to the negotiating table and come to some sort of an agreement on final design that can satisfy both sides. It's no secret Rhode Islanders hate change, but isn't it about time we change the signature structure of the capital city's skyline from a building that's been dark without a tenant for the past 5 years to something that screams open for business?


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