Putting together our annual YEAR IN REVIEW SHOW can be a depressing assignment. The most notable stories of the year gone by are usually negative ones. One consistent theme is state lawmakers with stains on their jackets. This year it was longtime Providence Ward 3 Providence City Councilman Kevin Jackson who was sentenced to 18 months in the pen for embezzling money intended for a youth soccer organization and misuse of campaign funds. Last year it was the former head of the RI Finance Committee Ray Gallison. He got over 4 years for looting almost 700 grand from a non profit group where he worked plus stealing money from a dead man's estate. He'd have to have his jacket martinized to get those stains out. Then there's my choice of story of the year, the state losing the Pawsox to Worcester after state lawmakers couldn't get out of their own way in attempts to finance a new stadium allowing the team owners time to recognize their own greed and bust a move to Worcester. Poor Pawtucket. The city not only lost the Pawsox, Memorial Hospital closed its doors and now Hasbro says its considering not only a move out of the city, but out of the state. 


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