It's Valentine's Day and you didn't get your significant other anything yet? Don't panic!

Here are some LAST MINUTE GIFTS you can find at your local drugstore!


“When asked what gift they would most like to receive from their significant other, 24 percent of men said they would love a new cologne, putting this item within the top three best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day,” says dating expert Kat MacLean of PlentyOfFish, who surveyed 20,000 people about their preferred Valentine’s Day gifts. The great news is drugstores don’t carry only the tacky, plastic body mists you smell at middle school dances. They also stock a range of high-end colognes you’d find at your nearest department store, like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light BlueandCalvin Klein’s Euphoria.

Coffee kit

If your partner is a student, a busy professional, a parent, or any kind of human, there’s a good chance he drinks coffee. But instead of getting him a Starbucks gift card, opt for acoffee making kit, which is so much more meaningful than handing over money. (And wow him with your knowledge ofthese weird coffee facts.) “Here’s a hot tip for all daters,” says MacLean, “avoid buying a gift card at all costs! It’s the most impersonal way to show your love.” Some 22 percent of men said receiving a gift certificate from their S.O. was the worst gift they’d ever received, he adds. Ouch.

George Foreman Grill

It’s not selfish to give a gift that partially benefits you, right? Well, that’s exactly what a George Foreman Grilldoes. A grill is a perfect present to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day, as it’ll get you guys outdoors, and means you can look forward to delicious meals whipped up by your special someone. And let’s be honest, is anything more attractive than someone who can cook?

Shaving supplies

Shaving suppliesare a safe gift for someone you’ve just started dating. It says, “I like you enough to get you something, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with something overly generous.” Depending on your comfort level, you can opt for a higher-end set of supplies—though probably only boutique drugstores carry lines like Art of Shaving—or a more middle-of-the-road line, such as Every Man Jack, which is Esquire‘s drugstore buy of choice.

Root beer float kit

Some couples are vehemently anti-Valentine’s Day. If you and your significant other fall along these lines and don’t want to make a big fuss out of going out, your gift can be a fun way to spice up staying in. A root beer float kitis a whimsical way to kick off an evening of take-out and a romantic movie on Netflix

Electric razor

An electric razor is one of those practical but equally thoughtful gifts for the metrosexual man in your life—or any man who does any kind of grooming. The modern man cares about how he looks, and isn’t afraid to indulge in some luxury grooming. TheConair Chrome Kiti s incredibly sleek and comes with all time trimmings (see what we did there?).


Some drugstores go beyond plastic watches, stocking high-end products, such as a Fitbit. This is ideal for the man who loves exercise, or has made a resolution to get into better shape this year. The best part: He’ll have no idea you picked it up around the corner 10 minutes before you showed up at his door.

Massage oil

Some 34 percent of single men and 30 percent of single women claimed the best gift they’d received from a significant other was an activity they did together, according to the PlentyOfFish survey. “Plan your Valentine’s day around a fun activity you know your partner will love,” MacLean suggests. How about a generous couple’s massage? Cue the massage oil, an easy Valentine’s Day gift that’s like an engraved invitation for one-on-one time.

Energy lamp

This gift is admittedly quite random, but it’s one of those items a number of people would appreciate. Anenergy lamp, which is used forlight therapy, is multifunctional. It can get your body back to a normal sleep schedule, combat SAD by bringing warm light into your space, and has been found to improve general mood. If your partner could use some cheering up this season, an energy lamp is the way to go.

Boxer shorts

Valentine’s Day gifts should be less about the money spent and more about the thought that goes into them.Boxers(or briefs) are not only functional (after all, every guy could use another pair, especially on laundry day), but they also provide a fun and flirty way to say, “I can’t wait to see you in these later.”


Choosing a scent that suits your gal’s personality and taste is no easy feat, but if you find the right perfume, it will say a lot about how well you know her. Fragrance is a safe gift for the woman you consider your girlfriend, or only recently started dating. If you’ve been together for years, we recommend choosing something more personal. 

Wine cooler

“According to 55 percent of women, tacky jewelry was the worst gift they’d ever received from their significant other,” says dating expert Kim MacLean. To avoid making this mistake, step up your game and gift your girlfriend a wine cooler. She’ll love being able to collect and properly store her favorite wines!

Foot bath

If you can’t afford a couple’s spa retreat, gifting a foot bathis a perfectly suitable and sweet alternative. With this gift, your woman will be able to pamper herself at home whenever she wants. Make sure she knows that she deserves that time to fully relax.

Makeup brush set

The key to flawless makeup is a decent brush set, which makes this an excellent gift for the beauty lover in your life. Just make sure that she already adores makeup and getting totally glammed. If she prefers to go au natural, giving this gift could imply that you want her to try harder to put herself together, so know your audience before you go the glam route.

Skincare set

Skincare is an ideal gift for mature women, and drugstores actually carry a wide range of products in varying price ranges. Just pay attention to the labels. We advise sticking to hydrating, exfoliating, and illuminating sets, as anti-aging skincare can easily be misinterpreted as an insult. We trust products by Lumene, La Roche-Posay, Aveeno, Garnier, Simple, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, and Olay.

Refreshing candle

A refreshingcandleis a safe bet for the girl you just started seeing. It’s a nice gift for someone you don’t know much about, and shows that you were thoughtful enough to pick something up, no matter how new the relationship is.

Aromatherapy oil diffuser

On Valentine’s Day, is great to create ambiance. If you’re planning on doing a couple’s massage, an aromatherapy oil diffuseris a percent tool for setting the scene. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who is often under a great deal of stress, has trouble sleeping, or enjoys practicing meditation. Check out the amazing health benefits of essential oils.

Luxe soap

Luxury soap is ideal for the mature Valentine. After being with someone for decades, your Valentine’s Day gifts probably aren’t going to be the most exciting, but it’s not about the money spent. Instead, show how well you know your significant other by picking up some luxury soaps in their favorite scent.

Photo album

No, not a three-ring binder with sticky pages. Print a personal photo album at your drugstore with photos that recount the best moments of your relationship. Your partner will always enjoy remembering the good times—especially ones that may not be fit for posting online.


If there’s one Valentine’s Day gift every health nut will appreciate, it’s a new juicer. Use it to make a fun cocktail on your special night, or be happy in the morning with a fresh green juice or smoothie.

Dash cam

If you and your partner enjoy taking road trips together, there’s no better gift than a Dash Cam. The footage they capture makes for priceless entertainment when you watch it later on, and you’ll be able to decide who’s a better singer, who was right in the argument, and who really ate the last mocha-dark chocolate granola bar along the journey.


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