U.S. Open April Fools Joke About Puppy Ball People Isn't Real

Nobody likes getting duped by an April Fools Day joke, and a bunch of tennis fans got suckered by the U.S. Open Twitter feed yesterday, and they are definitely bummed.

It seems Open had a little fun and tweeted that this year’s tournament would feature puppies as ball people for the first time ever, posting, “BREAKING: The US Open to add puppies to the ballperson team at the 2019 tournament for the first time. All breeds welcome.”

Well folks didn’t get mad at the idea because it may ruin the game. They were actually upset because many thought it was a great idea and they were upset it wasn’t actually going to happen. Some were so excited they even submitted photos and videos of their dogs for consideration. 

  • “This should not be an April Fools joke, make it happen because puppies!,” one person tweeted, while another added, “April Fool’s but good Lord this is a home run and needs to happen ASAP. Partner with a dog rescue and draw eyeballs while encouraging donations to a good cause.” Finally, another noted, “you joke but i would totally start to watch tennis if this happened.”


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