Team Muller Says Barr's Not Being Totally Honest About Report

A showdown is looming between the Democratic-led House and the Justice Department. The Judiciary Committee has authorized a subpoena for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's full, final Russia report. Why? While Barr has said he’ll give lawmakers a redacted version of the report by the middle of this month, there are whispers that he’s hiding Mueller’s actual conclusions.

For his part, Barr has noted that redactions will cover sensitive intelligence data, confidential grand jury material and ongoing criminal investigations. As you’ll recall, he sent Congress a summary of Mueller's findings last month.

Barr has said Mueller found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. He added Mueller did not exonerate President Trump on obstruction of justice. Still, investigators have told associates that Barr failed to “adequately portray the findings of their inquiry.”

Source:New York Times

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