Here Is Why You Drink More Beer At A Cookout

Have you ever noticed how much more beer you swig at a cookout…than at any other social function? There’s now some science that backs it up the reasons why.

If you think about the foods generally whipped up at a cookout, you’re thinking burgers, hot dogs, ribs, steaks, and the like, right? Well, researchers at Penn State College of Medicine gave lab mice several different ways to eat. Some ate normally, and some ate a diet high in fatty foods…like at a cookout. Then, they gave those lucky mice access to alcohol. What they found was that the fatty-food mice gravitated to the booze.

Docs aren’t suggesting that fatty foods should be getting a worse name. Instead, they want to show there might be chemical reasons in the brain as to why some people are more attracted to drinking, and it isn’t just some sort of “moral failing.”

Source:Men’s Health

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