Tips For Budget Travel From Fellow Travelers

While most people love to get away on a trip, all too often budget issues keep people from traveling as much as they’d like. Well, now some fellow travelers are offering up some suggestions on how folks can save money on their next vacation, and some are so simple you’re bound to want to try them on your next trip.

Buzzfeed asked their users to share their favorite tips for traveling on a budget and lots of folks chimed in with some brilliant ideas.

Tips for traveling on a budget include:

  • Stop at the grocery store– Load up on water and snacks so you aren’t paying astronomical prices near tourist attractions. This will help you save money to splurge on a nice restaurant.
  • Consider an apartment instead of a hotel room– If staying for an extended period of time, rooms on Airbnb and other sites are often cheaper, and usually have kitchens so you can eat in and save money.
  • Seek out restaurants around colleges and universities– In big cities, restaurants in college or university areas tend to be less expensive.
  • Use free podcasts to guide you through museums –This way you can walk through a museum without paying extra for an audio or guided tour.
  • Sign up for a service that tracks flights– Google flight alerts and other services will let you know when airfare prices go down.
  • Buy a public transportation pass– Buying a week-long pass is often cheaper than individual trips, especially if you’re going to rely on public transportation.
  • Plan museum visits strategically– Check to see if any museums have free nights or pay-as-you-wish nights to save a few bucks.
  • Say yes to street food- It’s yummy and cheap, and can help you really get to know a country.
  • Ask locals for restaurant recommendations- Most locals know the best spots, that will likely be less crowded than tourist spots, and definitely cheaper.
  • Buy a local SIM card if you want to use your phone abroad– It’s likely much cheaper than getting an international plan from your provider.


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