Brooke Mueller Calls TSA Search "Borderline Abusive"

Getting searched by the Transportation Security Administration is never fun. But Brooke Mueller’s experience was reportedly “borderline abusive.” 

While Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and mother of his twin sons has a well-documented history of falling off the wagon with cocaine, she’s been sober for a year. According to a family member, agents strip-searched her several times, combed her hair looking for “who knows what,” and kept sending her bags back and forth. In addition, they swabbed her hands and the bottoms of her feet. “An hour later, of course they find nothing because she’s sober and doing well,” the source said. 

Brooke was reluctant to discuss the incident,but said, “The invasion of my body was borderline abusive. It’s not like they had just cause to treat me like a drug smuggler.” The whole affair took an hour, and she missed her American Airlines flight. When the airline couldn’t find her a flight, they sent her home on Jet Blue. 

  • ONE MORE THING! The TSA responded through a spokesperson with, “TSA pat-downs are conducted by officers of the same gender as the passenger. In addition, TSA does not ask travelers to remove their clothing for pat-downs. TSA is focused on threats to aircraft security, and does not look for drugs.”

Source:Page Six

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