Lawmakers Now Look At Trump's Space Force Idea

Lawmakers are looking at President Trump's plan to create a U.S. Space Force. Opening a Senate hearing, Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe said Space will be a war fighting domain in future conflicts.

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan warned that the "next major conflict may be won or lost in Space." Joint Chiefs Chairman Joe Dunford said China and Russia are making aggressive moves in Space.

Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed cited enormous challenges in crafting a new federal bureaucracy with an ambitious agenda, including costs.

  • Meanwhile…Israel's attempt to land on the moon came up short. The Beresheet spacecraft was trying to land in the Sea of Tranquility. Israel's mission control center said the small unmanned spacecraft crashed upon landing after the main engine broke down. It was the first privately funded mission to attempt to land on the moon - Israel was trying to join the U.S., Russia, and China as the only nations to land spacecraft on the moon.


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