Plane Forced To Divert Because A Passenger Kept Trying To Smoke Cigarettes

It appears that if someone really wants to smoke a cigarette they'll go any lengths to do so. That's why an Alaska Airlines red-eye flight had been diverted halfway through the flight. 

One of the passengers tried to break one of the cardinal rules of modern air travel: do not smoke on airplanes. That point seemed to be lost on this passenger who refused to comply with flight crew instructions by trying to light up a cigarette, over and over again. The crew got tired of asking so the pilot made the decision, about an hour before they were supposed to land in Philadelphia, to divert to O'Hare International Airport.

Chicago Police say they were asked to meet the plane because of the cigarette-lighting passenger, who “was somewhat belligerent.” However, the police didn't arrest the passenger and it's unclear if she'll face any charges moving forward. The rest of the passengers made it back on the flight and ended up at their intended destination.

Source: CNN

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