Americans Get Less Than An Hour Of “Me Time” Each Day

These days people are so busy with work, family, friends and more that they hardly have any time for themselves. In fact, according to the survey by Polywood, the average American gets about 43 minutes of “me time” each day, which translates to about five hours a week. Things can get so bad that only 25% of people say they would actually describe themselves as “relaxed.”

So, what is keeping everyone from being relaxed? Well, for 47% of people noise is a big problem, while 34% of people blame their job.Other reasons folks aren’t relaxing include:

  • Current events (31%)
  • My partner (28%)
  • My kids (27%)

But when they do get a little “me time,” folks have some definite opinions about where they want to spend it, with their bedroom being the top choice (51%), followed by in their backyard (31%).Other top “me time” locations include:

  • Park (27%)
  • Bathroom (21%)
  • Coffee shop (21%)
  • Movie theater (21%)
  • My car (19%)

Source;SWNS Digital

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