Predictions: The Next Countries To Legalize Weed

Back in October, Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize the use recreational marijuana…and the second nation overall, after Uruguay. That’s led experts to chime in on the subject with Vice about which countries will be next…and when.

Central & South America

Predictions say Mexico will legalize at some point in 2019. Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador & Chile will jump on board in 2025. Venezuela will be a decade from now in 2029.

New Zealand/Australia

New Zealand legalized medicinal pot last year and could legalize entirely by 2020. In some Australian states, weed has already been decriminalized, but it could take until 2023 for the entire country to join the band wagon.

North America

It’s been six months since Canada legalized, and the world hasn’t fallen apart. Most Americans polled say they’re in favor of legalization, but it’ll take more time before the politicians get on the same page…and even longer for them to do anything with it. Look for action in 2023.


Movement is slow, and it’ll take a major country to make a noticeable shift. In 2023, experts say Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium & Portugal could be the first to move…Italy in 2024…Holland & Germany in 2025…France in 2026…the UK in 2027…and Norway in 2029.


Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t recreationally legal in Jamaica. In fact, none of the Caribbean nations will do a thing about it…until the United States does it first. Still, conventional wisdom is that you can look for Jamaica, Cuba & Barbados to move in 2026.


As a continent, these guys could move the quickest. South Africa will be first in 2026, followed by Sierra Leone, Ghana, Zimbabwe & Lesotho the next year.


Attitudes are very much anti-cannabis at the moment, so this could take a while. Thailand will move first, but not until 2029. Then, India in 2030. In North Korea…not on your life.


There’s no government and no rule of law there. If you can stand the cold, knock yourself out.


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