FOX's "Empire" Ending After Upcoming Season

Bad news for fans of Fox's television show, "Empire." The network announced that it will return this fall on Fox, but as we told you before,Jussie Smollett remains a question mark. But the really bad news? The next season will be its last.

Regarding Jussie's future on the show, the network has said there's an option to include him in the final season series “but at this point, they have no plans for that.” The only upside? Instead of the usual order of 18 episodes, fans will get 20.

“We are turning the final season into a large TV event — we are trying to go out guns a-blazing,” says Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier. “You allow fans to lean in and have the ending they deserve.”

  • Does the decision have anything to do with the cast's rumored 'bring Jussie back or we're out' rumor? No one's saying, but it's clear that Fox is hitting the reset button for the 2019-20 season by canceling eight shows and adding 10 new ones. As we told you before, “Empire's” companion drama “Star” is among those shows that are being canceled as Fox makes room for a mix of wrestling,twonew animated comedies and a “9-1-1” spinoff starring Rob Lowe.

Source: Deadline

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