Twitter Roasts Tomi Lahren Over Transgender Gillette Ad Comments

Tomi Lahren is taking some heat from the Twitterverse. The backlash is in response to her comments on a new Gillette ad.The commercial features transgender artist Samson Bonkeabantu Brown being taught to shave by his father, which many have praised for being inclusive of the LGBTQ community.

Taking to Twitter, Lahren has shared her take on the ad, writing, “it’s a little much to normalize and promote high-school-aged kids undergoing hormone therapy and gender reassignment. Don’t ya think?” It’s worth noting that a rep for Gillette has confirmed to Yahoo!that Brown is not a teenager.

Critics have hit back at Lahren’s tweet. Some accuse her of “reacting out of fear or prejudice,of how you feel about teenagers taking hormones, it’s a good thing for transgender people to feel represented in the media. Lahren even got a reaction out of Yvette Nicole Brown,who writes, “I think you’re the worst. Oh wait, that wasn’t the question, was it?”

Source:Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep

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